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10 reasons why you should try a group exercise class!

We are all aware that exercise is a very important thing to do in your life, but not many realise how much better it is to exercise in a group rather than on your own. We will show you how much you would benefit from one of our exercise classes at one of our leisure centres.

  1. Socialising - if you are exercising with friends you will have more fun and can find motivation to work harder (whether it is to exercise with friends or compete with friends is up to you). Having friends near you can keep your mind off how tired you may be and can help you exercise longer.
  2. Helping hand - taking an exercise class means there is a trained professional working with you to help and support you. They can give you advice and help you exercise as well as you can.
  3. Safety - having a group around you means that if something goes wrong or you get hurt there are plenty of people around to help you and you can help others if they get hurt. The group makes exercise a lot safer and therefore makes you feel more relaxed and ready to exercise.
  4. Motivation - studies have shown that people try harder when they are exercising with others. This means if you go to one of our classes you will feel more motivated to push yourself to the limits and get more exercise done.
  5. Structured workout - when going to an exercise class you are doing a workout made by a professional that is known to have very positive effects whereas if you are exercising alone you are using a made up workout not knowing how effective it is.
  6. Variety - when you are working out on your own you can find yourself doing the same thing over and over, but when you go to our classes the instructor will ensure that you are doing different workouts every time so you are always doing something new.
  7. Endorphin - when you work out in a group you get more endorphin (hormones that make you feel good) making you have more fun in the workout and wanting to do it again another time. it can make you excited to exercise and always enjoy it when working in a group.
  8. Anyone can do it - when you go to an exercise class you don't have to know what body parts you are exercising or what exercises do what because if you follow the instructor you will be doing the right exercises to get healthier.
  9. Community - when attending these classes its like you are part of that community, growing to become healthier together, you can find people you become friends with because of the class.
  10. Fun - exercising with others can be a lot of fun, you can be talking during the exercise, competing to see who can do the workout fastest etc. This will make it a more pleasant experience.

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This article was written by Adam, our work experience student from Hutton Grammar School.

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