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Boditrax - Body Composition and Activity Tracking

Boditrax is a state-of-the-art body composition and activity tracking system, which we have available at Leyland Leisure Centre and South Ribble Tennis and Fitness Centre.

Our Boditrax body scanners are free for all our gym users (at Leyland Leisure Centre and South Ribble Tennis and Fitness Centres).

They will help you understand more about your body, what you need to improve on to aid your health, fitness and general wellbeing. 

How Boditrax can help your training

Is your goal to lose weight or build muscle? Or simply to be healthier? What does that actually mean for your body and how accurately do you track your results?

Well now, with the help of the Boditrax composition and movement tracking scales you can get incredibly detailed and meaningful data to help track your fitness journey.


You will find out:


Your key stats which the machine will begin to benchmark you against, including:
•Body Weight
•Ideal body weight


Boditrax will record:
•Fat percentage and mass
•Muscle percentage and mass
•Water percentage and mass
•Bone percentage and mass


Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Minimum level of calories (energy) your body needs to function effectively. The body uses about 70% of the calories you consume to run all your major organs and functions such as the nervous, respiratory and circulatory making this number quite important.

Basal Metabolic Score

This identifies your body's ability to burn the fuel you take on board on a daily basis

Muscle Score

Show the amount of muscle in the body

Visceral Fat Rating

Visceral fat is the fat that sits around your vital organs, in your internal abdominal cavity and generally increases with age. Having low VFR is believed to reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure and the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.

Degree of Obesity

The percentage you are away from your ideal weight, as calculated for your BMI

Metabolic Age

Benchmarking from your BMR, the machine identifies the most common age of person with your stats. If it's higher than your actual age increased exercise will build healthy muscle tissue and reduce your age.


Next steps - what do you do with your results? 

Planning your training

The body map will show you exactly where things like fat are higher or muscle is lower. Use this data to inform your workouts. 


Setting yourself goals will help keep your focus during your fitness journey.


The Boditrax app will record your data so you can view anytime.


Need some help?

Ask a member of our team to show you how to get started!

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